Meet Chelsea


Who I am

I am a scientist and an educator. I love learning fun facts about how things work, and I love sharing that information with other people.

My goal is to empower people to feel good about their bodies and to feel happy about the decisions they make regarding the care of their body. I constantly strive to make your annual (or unexpected) reproductive health visit a more comfortable, relaxed, respectful, and positive experience.


I have a BSN and MSN from the MGH Institute of Health Professions where I specialized in studying Women’s Health and Adult Gerontology Primary Care. I am nationally board certified in both population foci and am a licensed Certified Nurse Practitioner in Massachusetts.

Prior to entering health care, I earned a BA in Biology and MA in Education at Clark University. I have almost two decades of experience as an educator; both as a high school biology teacher and in informal settings teaching at museums, zoos, and outdoor education programs.

What I do

My training and certification has focused on the adult* population. I can provide comprehensive primary care to adults of all ages, and I have specialized training in women’s gynecological and obstetrical care. Sexual and Reproductive health is a particular passion of mine and the care I offer encompasses:

  • Family planning for men and women

  • STI screening and treatment

  • Contraception including IUDs, implants, and diaphragms

  • Pre-conception and pregnancy counseling

  • Sexual health for men and women

  • Breast health

  • Vagina health

  • Pap smears

  • Treatment for vaginal infections (yeast, bacteria, etc.)

  • Menstruation/period concerns

  • Pelvic floor health

  • Menopause care

I also provide annual wellness visits, routine screenings, and comprehensive health assessments to help keep you on track for your health goals.

*Including adolescents ages 14 and up, although my women’s health practice occasionally includes discussing menstrual issues with girls ages 12 and 13

My talent is having conversations about intimate or awkward topics in non-awkward ways.
— Chelsea Gould, NP


Building relationships with people and providing a health care experience that they enjoy.